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Ready to go house hunting? When you are ready to begin your home-buying journey, it is my job to make sure that your transaction goes as smoothly as possible. Each person’s homebuying journey is unique, which is what makes it so fun! Below are the main parts of the transaction for most of the buyers I help:  

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Before we really get started, we will have a one-on-one meeting to determine your home-buying goals, budget, preferred timeframe, and your wants and needs. If you aren’t sure of the areas you want to focus your search on, we will start by gathering the information and then touring the various areas.  Once that is narrowed down to a few areas, we will begin our home search in earnest, both online and live. We’ll review the current inventory and make a plan for reviewing new listings as they come on the market!  


I cannot stress the importance of having your financial plans in place before we begin the home search in earnest. I can provide you with different local or national lenders who may have the perfect loan product for your situation. Having a pre-approval from the lender makes you a very strong buyer and, in any market, that will serve you well when making an offer.



What happens when you find the right home to call your own? As we are making the offer, we will need to also do some research. What is on the horizon for new developments? How has the area appreciated in relation to other areas? What shape is the house in? When you make a good real estate investment, it can also serve as your nest egg and help you grow your net worth.  


Everyone’s favorite part! I will get you the keys, coordinate anything else that needs to transfer from the seller, and be there to celebrate your homebuying success

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Once the home is under contract, there is a lot that needs to happen quickly with specific timeframes. I will keep us all on track, making sure all the events in the transaction are taken care of so you can go onto a successful closing. This includes helping you coordinate the inspection, being available in the appraisal process, coordinating with escrow, and guiding your transaction to the close.  


All the forms involved to write the offer may seem daunting, but I will educate you on the various items we can include – or not include – in an offer. Believe it or not, it is not just about price. Closing timeline, down payment, the loan and more can all make the contract more appealing to the seller or more appealing to you. My goal is to find that sweet spot in-between that gets the job done.

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