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When you are getting ready to buy a home, it is important to make sure you have the right people who can get the job done ready, willing, and able to work seamlessly on your behalf. Although I will be working as your advocate throughout the process, there are a few others who will be joining us for your homebuying journey.  A strong team makes you a strong buyer!



Getting pre-approved with a lender is one of the most important steps you can take to make yourself buyer-ready. The lender you choose should have a reputation for being a problem-solver and for getting the transaction to close. I have plenty of local mortgage professionals who can get the job done!


The appraiser is hired by the lending organization to verify the price you are paying for the house is market value. This protects the bank and you! Although the appraiser is independent and this isn’t someone you can hire, a strong lender will be on top of this process. 

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You are able to choose the inspector who will be conducting the inspection on your home. You want to find someone who is thorough, provides you with a written report and photos, charges market rate, and who can be scheduled within a few days of your offer. 


Title will review the property history, verify legal description matches what is being sold, make sure the seller has the right to sell the property, identify other possible lienholders, identify easements, codes, covenants and restrictions, and more. The title company should have a reputation for identifying potential problems.



Escrow makes sure that all the documentation is correct, timelines are met, and all the details are adhered to in the transaction. They will also make sure all parties sign the correct forms and that all monies are distributed correctly.


Sometimes the property you choose requires additional inspections or professional assessments. For example, the inspector may suggest having a separate sewer scope or have an engineer check something out. With our building expertise, we have plenty of connections that we can call on!


The more team members you can secure up front, the better. Often, once you make an offer, things can get fast and furious in a hurry. During the transaction is not when you want to be checking online reviews of an inspector and hoping for the best.

I have several great candidates for all these categories and would be happy to help build your winning home-buying dream team!   

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