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At BriKat Homes and Real Estate, we not only understand real estate and construction, but when it comes to the finishing touches that create that WOW! Factor. Although people usually think about renovating their home to solve problems, sometimes challenges can be solved through an innovative look at how a space functions.  

For example, do you have a space in your home that seems to accumulate junk? Do your kids have a difficult time keeping their toys organized?  

Or, does your front door and foyer lack curb appeal? Is your dining room dated? Do you need a more-inspirational home office? It is amazing what can be done with paint, storage solutions, and someone who understands space and how to use it efficiently.  

Katie’s background in design can be put to work for you in a number of ways. Here is how we get started:  

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We will first walk through your space and you can share with me what is and is not working, or what your vision is to make your space work with its function. Looking for some high-impact design including dramatic lighting and textured wallpaper? Need a space-saving closet that gives you a zen-like experience when you open the door? Give me your vision and I will do wonders!  


We want to make your design project as efficient and streamlined as possible. Once we have understood your vision, we will create an overall outline of work to make sure we are on the same page regarding your expectations, materials, budget, and timeline. We will also create a virtual rendering of your space so you can easily envision the final product. 

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We work with each client to maximize your budget and to supply you with our “No Surprises” guaranteed budgeting plan.



Every project we do is given the highest level of care. We know you will be wowed by your newly-designed space!


Your redesign may take as little as a day or it may last a few weeks depending on how many spaces we are working on and how much work is being done. Before the project begins, I will provide you with a schedule that works with your needs.



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