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Katie's Healthy Home

As your local Snohomish real estate agent, let me take you on a walk through our town and introduce you to the small businesses that help create this amazing community. Snohomish, Washington has a vibrant downtown scene lined with local businesses, delicious food and unique shops.

Read on to learn more about Katie's Healthy Home, the family owned and operated online business in our local Snohomish community.

Katie, a local resident of Snohomish officially launched her website in September of 2020, but her journey began before then... Her health and wellness journey actually started the day she found out she was pregnant with her first child. Realizing that the products she was using on her skin had to be affecting her child's growth and well-being, so she began searching high and low for safe and effective products -- She came up unsuccessful for affordable products she could trust. Shortly after this realization, she began sourcing and making her own products for her family and to sell to her local friends. It was at that time, when she realized there were more products she could sell to her community on their own quests for healthy products in their homes!

That's how the concept of her business and website started, as she says "Each product arose from a need I had or someone dear to me had."

Her mission with the website is to provide information that empowers families with the knowledge to live healthy. Katie says that "I build my business as a nutritionist, my mission is to give families the tools to create health." She's also very passionate about helping families navigate food allergies, ADHD, and other medical challenges for their children. When you meet with Katie, either virtually or in-person, you can tell her passion is just that, helping others find health and wellness. She loves the science behind it all and enjoys researching for constant learning, while "believing that the body can heal and take care of itself it we give it the tools to do so!"

When we asked Katie more about her journey, she said "I had a complete overhaul of how I ate, how I exercised and the products I put on my body. Over the years, it became apparent to me how underrated and essential nutrition was, not just for me, but for my clients." Katie's background began in Occupational Therapy, but throughout her health quest and her own journey she found herself in a different direction and is now earning her Master's Degree in holistic nutrition. She's just two semesters away! "I love sharing my knowledge as a pediatric physical therapist, health coach, and soon-to-be holistic nutritionist" says Katie.

During our interview, we asked what her favorite thing(s) about Snohomish, she told us "I love walking on first street and seeing the decor in the store fronts. It makes me so happy to see and enjoy all of the incredibly creative and talented small business owners. We are so lucky to have that in our own backyard!" ...We couldn't agree more!

Although she may not have a storefront in our town, she hopes her website gives our community not only the means for healthier living with products for their families, but also the education and tools to make sound choices, with her support to help navigate it all.

To learn more about Katie's Healthy Home, visit her website here:

To learn more about Snohomish County, the real estate market here and our local businesses, reach out to your neighborhood expert Katie Dixon, Snohomish's top real estate agent & broker at BriKat Homes and Real Estate.


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