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Questions To Ask When Interviewing A Realtor

Thinking of selling? Consider these questions to ask the agent you hire!

#1. What do you charge and what does this price include? Are there any fees that me (the seller) picks up for marketing the sale of my home?

First thing, top tiered real estate brokers will offer staging, professional photography/videos, preparation help, cleaning and other services to get your home ready for listing. Some agents charge additional fees for these services, or check a box that says they include this, but "who" is really doing the staging... be sure to ask this, too!

If your agent isn't going to help prepare your home, by staging, cleaning, etc. etc. -- Is this really the best way to get the most for your home sale?

#2. What is the current state of the market where I live?

A knowledgable, local and full-time agent will be prepared to answer this question with statistics and tangible figures, not the answer "it's a hot market." They will give you current listings and percentages for your price point... DATA DRIVEN agents will be able to price your home for what it's worth in the market today.

You want an agent that shows you the statistics!

Remember this, 96% of buyers begin their home searches online and are picky about what homes they want to go tour in person (due to the pandemic and competition)... Nobody wants to waste their time touring a home not worth the price point or staged/cleaned for home listing.

These questions and agent services are KEY to your success, DO NOT sacrifice or compromise when there are agents (LIKE ME) who help you get the maximum return for your home!

You ready to get your home prepared and SOLD?

Let's partner together and get you the BEST ROI I can get you with ALL professional services included and five-star client care you can count on and trust!


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