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Snohomish Hay & Cattle

As your local Snohomish real estate agent, let me take you on a walk through our town and introduce you to the small businesses that help create this amazing community. Snohomish, Washington has a vibrant downtown scene lined with local businesses, delicious food and unique shops.

Read on to learn more about Snohomish Hay & Cattle, the family owned and operated small business in our local Snohomish community.

The owners, Rob and McKahl Enge... plus three adorable kids, are small-scale farmers in the valley of Snohomish. They began their journey, after they knew they wanted to raise beef cattle and supply beef to friends and family, and the business continued to grow from there. "Snohomish Hay & Cattle became a little bigger than we thought [it would originally] and we love it" says McKahl.

Their inspiration came from, what McKahl describes as their "love of cows" and wanting to "provide some delicious meat to our community, where everyone would feel comfortable knowing their meat came from a family owned farm!" McKahl mentioned that they are "in this business because we love farming, love the community and love every part of growing good quality animals" and it shows through and through, from the moment you begin working with them! "We want people to feel good about supporting local famers and feel even better about knowing where their meat comes from."

When we asked them what obstacles have they had to or continue to overcome, McKahl says it's simply put as "Money." McKahl says, "farmers are always running a little short, feed shortages, sick animals, flat tires,.. you name it." In order to continue to grow in their business and success, they contribute it to a positive mindset, trusting their gut instincts and following their plan. "Our mission has always been to, just love what we do and trust the process!" Their advice for anyone starting a new business, is "if you have a dream, make it happen!"

We asked them what's their favorite thing about Snohomish, McKahl said, "my favorite thing about Snohomish is that everyone knows everyone and their family! Small towns are the best!" We couldn't agree more! So next time you're in the need for good quality meat, consider your local farmers at Snohomish Hay & Cattle and tell them Katie sent you!

To learn more about Snohomish Hay & Cattle visit their website here:

To learn more about Snohomish County, the real estate market here and our local businesses, reach out to your neighborhood expert Katie Dixon, Snohomish's top real estate agent & broker. Visit my website to learn more about us, at BriKat Homes & Real Estate.


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