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Uptown Wine & Beer Bar

As your local Snohomish real estate agent, let me take you on a walk through our town and introduce you to the small businesses that help create this amazing community. Snohomish, Washington has a vibrant downtown scene lined with local businesses, delicious food and unique shops.

Read on to learn more about Uptown Wine & Beer Bar, how the owners, Erik and Jackie Vail continue to promote and provide for our local community here in Snohomish.

Erik and Jackie are local Snohomish residents and have 4 children together, and one granddaughter. Before opening Uptown, Erik had been a wedding photographer for 25 years and Jackie, a fitness instructor for 12 years. They both share a love of community, entrepreneurship and WINE! With the support of Erik's family, who had been involved in the Washington wine industry for over 20 years, it only felt natural for the two to embarked on their venture together and opened up Uptown, in 2016!

Uptown to them, is what they refer to as a "home away from home" and you get the sense of that from the moment you walk through their door to everything they do to promote community in Snohomish. They often host fundraisers for the community and the local food bank, and every year you'll find Uptown and it's employees participating in the event, "Sip to support Snohomish" which raises money for multiple charities.

When asked where their drive comes from, Erik and Jackie shared with us, their passions come from entertaining, cooking and love for wine. Their motto has always been to work hard so they can play harder, and typically spend time off cooking, hanging with their children and dogs, along with hiking and various athletic activities!

When we asked them what is their secret to success, Jackie replied that "You have to love what you do and not forget to make time to disconnect, so you can be the best at your job. Set realistic daily goals, weekly goals and yearly goals." Their advice for anyone starting out with a new business, to "find something you're passionate about and don’t over think it. Everything worth having takes risk... Set realistic goals and have FUN!"

Although their business model is continuously changing, especially due to the pandemic and its effects on our town and their business, they continue to reflect on what their mission together really is; Jackie mentioned that they "love the COMMUNITY! The people here are so inviting and become like family!" Their mission currently is to continue growing and thriving, so they can hire more employees, which will give them more time away to spend time with their kids, granddaughter and future grandkids.

Next time you're visiting the Downtown Snohomish area, be sure to stop by and visit Uptown Wine & Beer Bar -- Tell them Katie sent you!

To learn more about Uptown Wine & Beer Bar:

122 Avenue A suite #2, Snohomish Washington

(425) 221-9573

To learn more about Snohomish County, the real estate market here and our local businesses, reach out to your neighborhood expert Katie Dixon, Snohomish's top real estate agent & broker. Visit my website to learn more about us, at BriKat Homes & Real Estate.

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