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Maple & Moss Boutique

As your local Snohomish real estate agent, let me take you on a walk through our town and introduce you to the small businesses that help create this amazing community. Snohomish, Washington has a vibrant downtown scene lined with local businesses, delicious food and unique shops.

Read on to learn more about Maple & Moss Boutique and how the owner Kortney, continues to promote and provide for our local community here in Snohomish.

After graduating from CWU with a bachelor degree in Fashion Merchandising, Kortney interned at and ultimately began managing a little boutique in West Seattle. It was then, that she knew that’s what I wanted to do, and aspired to have her own business "in a small tight knit community!" This ambition lead her to the path of opening Maple & Moss Boutique in 2014, after searching for a location for over a year. Her vision for what she "wanted" remained strong and the second she found the 104 union listing, with the photo of the windows/building exterior, she knew it was "meant to be my store!"

Maple & Moss Boutique is a place she enjoys connecting with and getting to know her customers on a more personal level and having the freedoms to be as creative as she wants to be! The boutique is truly a reflection of her personality, and Kortney says "I feel like it’s grown organically into what it is today as I became more confident in it and myself."

When we asked her what habits have helped her be so successful, she mentioned that "You can’t let the little things get you down, having confidence in yourself and your instincts is the hardest part." Kortney's advice to someone else starting out a business of their own, her response... "Just go for it!" What drives Kortney in this business today... "I am a very self motivated person, connecting with the community through my passion for helping people feel comfortable, cute and confident in what they wear makes me beyond happy!"

When we asked her if her mission has changed over the years, she said that "You’ll find the words “community is always in style” in my window. Connecting with people has always been a mission of mine, making them feel good in what they are wearing. This last year this mission has evolved to be more prevalent for me than ever." Many of our towns local businesses and restaurants, not just here in the Downtown area, have been impacted tremendously due to the pandemic and the "small town" community built around the people that live and work here is undeniably remarkable! When we asked Kortney why she loves having her business here, she replied... "Snohomish is unique, I love the mix of business and the community support is unreal."

Giving back to Snohomish is very near and dear to Kortney and you'll find her heavily involved in the Historic Downtown Snohomish 'promotions committee, along with her partnership in the annual Snohomish Zombie Walk, that benefits the local communities and Snohomish food bank.

Her mission at Maple & Moss is just that... community and connecting with people! She loves to connect with every client, to put a smile on their face and help them feel confident through the clothes they wear. If you haven't been yet, don't just take our word for it. When you step inside her beautiful boutique and you will find a wide range of wardrobe must haves including; cozy sweaters, PNW tees & hoodies, the perfect work blouse to fun graphic tee’s and super soft everything! You will also find quirky candles, out-of-the-box mugs/glassware and one of a kind accessories & jewelry throughout the boutique.​ The style, the boutique vibes and Kortney herself create the complete fashion experience unlike no other, where you'll leave feeling confident and beautifully styled!

Next time you're visiting the Downtown Snohomish area and/or shopping for clothing or home goods, be sure to stop by and visit Maple & Moss Boutique -- Tell her Katie sent you!

To learn more about Maple & Moss Boutique:

104 Union Ave

Snohomish, Washington 98290

To learn more about Snohomish County, the real estate market here and our local businesses, reach out to your neighborhood expert Katie Dixon, Snohomish's top real estate agent & broker. Visit my website to learn more about us, at BriKat Homes & Real Estate.


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